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Natural polyfloral honey, sourced from the Southern Danube region in Serbia. Pale in colour with a mild floral taste.

Balkan Acacia

An acacia honey with very light yellow colour and a mild, pleasant odour and taste. Acacia Honey is one of the most prestigious types of honey. It is recommended to children and convalescents because of its medicinal properties. Its helps combat insomnia, calms the mental tension and reduces the affects of stress. Very slow to crystallise because the composition contains more fructose than glucose. Medium to light in strength

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Balkan Linden

Found in the Southern Danube region of Serbia, this pale honey has a delicate, woody scent. Renowned for its sedative and antiseptic qualities, Linden honey has been used for generations for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia and in the treatment of colds, coughs and bronchitis.  An intense, aromatic, sweet honey that is particularly delicious in tea.  Medium to light in strength.

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Meadow Honey

This pale honey has a delicate woody scent. Meadow honey comes from a variety of flowering plants that are an integral part of the Southern Danube region of Serbia. Its colour is light yellow with reddish to dark shades. Meadow honey contains enzymes, minerals, organic acids, vitamins and other valuable constituents. Medium in strength.

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Forest Honey

Forest honey is native to the woodland, coniferous, landscape of the Southern forest of Serbia. This honey is characterised by a darker colour, specific smell and taste. Forest honey contains more minerals from honeydew than other honeys. Strong in taste.

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